We do some pretty amazing things while travelling. Most things we don’t appreciate until we get home. These experiences are a huge part of our travel life and ones we never forget. Each to their own and everyone has different things they have dreamed of doing. But here are the moments that I’ve loved and […]

J’adore Paris! Ok, I’m not French. In fact I’m as English as they come. But I’ve caught the Paris bug. Two trips there now and it still grabs me. Who couldn’t love this City full of life? This blog is me banging on about how much I love the place, and what I did to […]

Hostels. There black and white, either good or damn awful. Either way us travellers can’t stay away from them. Most of us will put up with the lowest standards ever just for a cheap bed. So what really does make the perfect hostel? Here’s what… – Cleanliness. It’s the most important thing in my eyes. […]

When I told people I was going to Helsinki for a few days most laughed, others asked where the “hell” it was (couldn’t resist that one!). It seems most people only know it for its name, not its true existence. I knew I was going to prove everyone wrong, and I did! This trip fueled […]

I get asked this question all the time, how do I afford all the trips I make. I wish I was, but i’m not rich, nor do I get sent to these places for my job. My first trip on my own was to Dusseldorf for 3 days. For Flight, Hostel, Transfer cost me £65.00! […]

After travelling to nearly 20 different countries world wide I feel it’s part of my “duty” as a more experienced traveller to share my top tips! Travelling alone can seem scary at first but after a few times you will grow to love it like I have. It’s not all bad!