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Why I Miss Croatia

What do you think of when you picture Croatia? The three words I thought were beautiful, old and boring. Wait, did I just say boring? After my week long trip along the coast the three words changed to beautiful, old and amazing. Here’s what made me change my mind! 1. Sea Organ & Monument to […]

Best of Rhodes

I’ve been dying to go to Greece for years. People kept pushing me to go so I finally have, to the island of Rhodes. I love the place and can’t wait to see more of Greece, I’m sure it’s all as beautiful. With its blue sea and golden sands to its tasty sea food, I […]

Europe Top 10

This was always going to be a tough blog to write. How could I possibly say which cities are better than others. Everyone will always have different opinions on this but here’s mine! I’ve only travelled Europe on weekend or week breaks, never for any longer. I’ve not done every country or city yet, but […]

The Runaway Train

Train travel. It’s one of the oldest travel methods there is. We all thought it was dying from low cost flying, but is it? I love flying. I work in that industry and fly every week. And that will always be my best mode of transport. But you can’t fly everywhere! On my trips to […]

I Love Paris

J’adore Paris! Ok, I’m not French. In fact I’m as English as they come. But I’ve caught the Paris bug. Two trips there now and it still grabs me. Who couldn’t love this City full of life? This blog is me banging on about how much I love the place, and what I did to […]

Helsinki – Top Tips!

When I told people I was going to Helsinki for a few days most laughed, others asked where the “hell” it was (couldn’t resist that one!). It seems most people only know it for its name, not its true existence. I knew I was going to prove everyone wrong, and I did! This trip fueled […]