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Best Things In Life Are Free!

My latest trip to Rhodes made me realise something I haven’t done before. I feel like I’ve done some amazing things around the world, things some people would kill to do. Rhodes was no different. What I have realised Is that the best things you can do are not the Euro robbing trips or to […]

Europe Top 10

This was always going to be a tough blog to write. How could I possibly say which cities are better than others. Everyone will always have different opinions on this but here’s mine! I’ve only travelled Europe on weekend or week breaks, never for any longer. I’ve not done every country or city yet, but […]

The Runaway Train

Train travel. It’s one of the oldest travel methods there is. We all thought it was dying from low cost flying, but is it? I love flying. I work in that industry and fly every week. And that will always be my best mode of transport. But you can’t fly everywhere! On my trips to […]

Best Travel Moments

We do some pretty amazing things while travelling. Most things we don’t appreciate until we get home. These experiences are a huge part of our travel life and ones we never forget. Each to their own and everyone has different things they have dreamed of doing. But here are the moments that I’ve loved and […]

Hostels. Heaven or Hell?

Hostels. There black and white, either good or damn awful. Either way us travellers can’t stay away from them. Most of us will put up with the lowest standards ever just for a cheap bed. So what really does make the perfect hostel? Here’s what… – Cleanliness. It’s the most important thing in my eyes. […]

How Do I Afford It?

I get asked this question all the time, how do I afford all the trips I make. I wish I was, but i’m not rich, nor do I get sent to these places for my job. My first trip on my own was to Dusseldorf for 3 days. For Flight, Hostel, Transfer cost me £65.00! […]