Backpacking The World – Guest Blog

Travel the World With a Backpack and a Budget
Guest Post By Jesse Cadena @TravelWithJesse

You need not have a boatload of money to travel around the world. You can see and experience a great deal with only a backpack and a sense of adventure. Backpacking the world is not for the faint of heart, or the faint of leg for that matter, but the rewards can be immeasurable.

Seeing a Country as it was Meant to be Seen

When you get off the tour bus and down on the road, you get to know the people of exotic new locales as you never could in a tourist setting. This is one of the aspects of traveling that many people miss out on. The diverse cultures and peoples around the world are amazing, but they require extra effort to meet.

Coming Prepared

Many people may think it would be impossible to fit everything you would need for weeks of travel into a backpack, but it is possible. It just takes some forethought and planning. One of the biggest ways to save space is packing a bit of powered laundry detergent instead of extra changes of clothes. You can find coin operated Laundromats all over the world, or if push comes to shove, you can wash your clothes in a bathtub. It may not sound glamorous, but no one ever said backpacking the world would be a piece of cake.

Beginning Your Adventure

You should plan out your route in advance and purchase a train pass if one is available. Europe has an especially efficient train system that will allow you to venture thousands of miles for very little money. Do not be afraid of public transportation; just make sure to move your backpack to the front of your body to keep an eye on it in cramped quarters.

Backpacking the world is the best way to take in a complete travel adventure on a limited budget. You may feel exhausted after your tour is over, but you will likely feel a sense of accomplishment as well.

By Jesse Cadena @TravelWithJesse
Twitter : @SteMWilkinson


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