Why I Miss Croatia

What do you think of when you picture Croatia? The three words I thought were beautiful, old and boring. Wait, did I just say boring?

After my week long trip along the coast the three words changed to beautiful, old and amazing.

Here’s what made me change my mind!

1. Sea Organ & Monument to the Sun, Zadar

I’ve never heard anything as daft. The sea playing an organ and to top it off they built a gift to a ball of fire? But it’s damn good!

2. Diocletian Palace, Split
I wouldn’t describe it as a palace, more a small town! Lined with small alleyways filled by shops and bars, it’s really the heart of Split. Great live music in the square at night too!

3. City Walls, Dubrovnik
It would be a crazy thing to do these days, surround a city by walls. These walls are amazing, covering such a distance and give you the best sights of the city. Ok it does feel a little touristy, but you can’t not go.

4. Island of Hvar
I always wanted to go to at least one island off of Croatia, so we chose Hvar. This was not a mistake. Some describe it as the “posh island”. It did seem pretty wealthy with gated residential areas. But the port area and the surrounding hillsides were beautiful. Climbing up to the top of the castle gives incredible views out to sea and of the island.

5. Marjan Hill, Split
The hostel owner had told us to try and walk up to a flag on top of a huge hill in Split. It looked like a crazy walk, but sure worth it! Treck up the huge hill to get amazing view points of the whole city. Just go and do it, it sounds crap explaining it.

6. Crossing into Bosnia
To some people this would seem normal. I never thought id ever go into Bosnia, even as a keep traveller. Crossing the border is essential to get into Dubrovnik from the rest of the country. Seems pretty daft to me but sure its some political reason. But hey, i’ve been to a service station in Bosnia!

7. Dubrovnik Cable Car
So here we are again, fighting my fear of heights. Well it still hasn’t worked. The car takes you to the top of the mountain above the city. Stunning views of the whole old town at the top with a little shop and restaurant building for some great photo points! There was a war museum up there too but it was closed. Assume it opens at some point!

8. The Small Beaches, Split
They seem quite hard to find, which puts people off and makes them pretty quiet! No they are not the best in the world, pebbles never beat sand, but the peacefulness and views make them a great chill out afternoon.

The list could go on and on,and i’m sure if I was there longer id find way better things too! It is one of the most beautiful Countries I have been to, especially for South Europe.


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