Best of Rhodes

I’ve been dying to go to Greece for years. People kept pushing me to go so I finally have, to the island of Rhodes.

I love the place and can’t wait to see more of Greece, I’m sure it’s all as beautiful. With its blue sea and golden sands to its tasty sea food, I actually have no moan or complaint (apart from not flushing dirty loo roll away! Eww!)

Lindos is one of the best places on the island. With its narrow quaint streets and perfect white walls. Mind the donkeys, oh wait, they carry people? How cruel! Up in the too of the hill stands the amazing Acropolis, if you get up there before dying! It’s a long walk and bloody hot too! Don’t worry, you can run down to the sea to cool off. We rented a kayak each and paddled out to the back of the bay, where three small islands stand. You can’t not be jealous of the yachts standing there. How the other half live! Can’t recommend doing this enough! And the guy we rented them from didn’t seem to care that we were out for double our time!

Pefkos is a lovely little resort only a few mile down the road. From there we got a glass bottom boat trip. I’m not really into these trips but this was €20 well spent! Amazing views at sea and going full speed in a speedboat is amazing! Seriously clinging on for our lives! Probably beats the part we swam in the sea with the fish!

Rhodes Town, unlike the rest of the island is busy busy busy. But it’s well worth the bus ride. A city within old walls, it is a historic gem and probably ignored compared to other major cities in Europe. It’s small winding streets lined with local shops to the normal tacky shops selling cut price Armani or overpriced tea towels. It is what it is, a stunning city.

Everyone used to go to Falaraki on their 18-30 holidays right? Well I didn’t go but got the bus through it, that was enough! I can’t say it tempts me. It’s more or a ghost town than party central. Maybe some love it?


One final thing! The beaches. If you’ve read my last blog you’ll know this one already, but I have to say it again. I’m standing in the sea and the sun starts to set. So I stood and watched, it went down towards the mountains, turning the sky pink. It was one of the most amazing natural things i’d seen but also free. Puts travelling life into prospective and made me appreciate a lot more that week!

So that was it, my first Greek experience. I’m left wanting more!

Yamas Rhodes!


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  1. Nice blog Stephen. And that photo up above is amazing!
    Thanks for having followed us on twitter.
    Frank (bbqboy)

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