Europe Top 10

This was always going to be a tough blog to write. How could I possibly say which cities are better than others. Everyone will always have different opinions on this but here’s mine!

I’ve only travelled Europe on weekend or week breaks, never for any longer. I’ve not done every country or city yet, but for now these are my top ten. After further travelling, who knows, these may change!

10. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
No, it’s not at number 10 for the sex shops. But they are worth a visit, especially on a night. The whole city has a certain vibe about it. With the small old winding streets you could mistake it for a small town. Full of great museums including the cold feeling Ann Frank Museum. What else is there? There’s the many outdoor markets selling more tulip bulbs than you could ever need. Or the sex museum. Not as seedy as it sounds but a good laugh, especially the 1800’s porn!

9. Lisbon, Portugal
I’d not heard or seen much about this city before I went. It was hop on a coach up the country and see what it’s like. I was surprised at what it was. The outskirts are like a real city but the centre is full of character and Is a bit wild. Of course it has it’s main tourist areas with the normal things you’d expect of an old city. Right round the corner you find streets filled with washing pegged up. Or men offering you drugs from their hand, nothing to worry about! Wander up the steep hills but watch out from the quaint little trams. Or hire a motorised car to tour round on. This city certainly shows its quirky side, but for that reason I loved it.

8. Stockholm, Sweeden
I’ve always been fascinated by Sweden. It seems to be well talked about, especially for IKEA! But what’s it really like? Stockholm is a beautiful place. Spread across lots of small islands in the sea it feels like theres a river on every corner. With its old small alley ways full of lively bars and traditional shops. The amazing architecture mustn’t be forgotten too. There’s not much else to say about it. Just go and live it for yourself!

7. Lucerne, Switzerland
If I’m honest I had to put a place in Switzerland in my top ten. It’s one of my, if not, favourite countries. But which city. Well I choose Lucerne. Everything felt good when I was there. A hostel on the lake front, morning walks along the lake to get breakfast, a beautiful picturesque place! Most people know it for its lake or for its ‘Kapellbrucke’ bride joining up the town. Maybe there’s nothing else much more than most old cities. But to me it is a stunning one!

6. Venice, Italy
Some people hate the place, some call it smelly. I really don’t get what their talking about because I loved it. Ok it’s damn annoying when you get lost trying to get to anywhere, the place is like a maze puzzle. But that’s all part of the fun! The beauty of this place lies with it’s traditions, with the gondolas passing by and it’s stunning St Marks Square. It’s a great experience!

5. Helsinki, Finland
Maybe this is one of the forgotten cities of Europe. My friends laughed when I said I was going. And to add to that it was predicted -15c the whole time I was there. Like that would stop me! The snow made this place even better. It is a beautiful city with an amazing winter feel, especially at Christmas. You just need to walk and explore and find the hidden gems around the place.

4. Paris, France
Everybody loves Paris! I think most of us know the main sights even before we went but its still a must see city! With the Eiffel Tower staring across the city, or the stunning Arc De Triumph. I’ve probably waffled on about this place so much in my other blog im struggling to write anything. Just go!

3. London, England
I could have been biased and put this as number one but I didn’t. And there’s reason for that. Most Brits think of it as a horrible place until they go. The rest of the world can’t wait to come. I love it for what it is. Yes it’s busy and the Tube is pretty grim at rush hour, but it’s all part of it. It’s amazing to see the great landmarks in real life, like Buckingham Palace, Westminster, The Eye, Tower of London etc. And the nightlife is great too with the god knows how many west end theatres and bars. I love it.

2. Dubrovnik, Croatia
The city within a wall. The whole place is amazing. Step back 20 years and it was a bombed city you would avoid like the plague. Now it’s in my top ten! With its terracotta roofs filling the whole place and it’s little alley ways. Best thing is walking around the walls, seeing the whole of the city and also the beautiful blue sea. Perfect on a hot day.

1. St Petersburg, Russia
Number one! Well done Russia! Well a city with so much to offer and so little tourists really was going to be a winner. The best part? Probably walking on the frozen sea near the Hermitage. Can’t beat that can you! There’s so much more to this city. My suggestion is just GO!

You may agree with me on these or totally disagree. Each to their own! Comment away!



  1. I’m glad to see London is on the list. I think it’s fantastic city. I see Rome isn’t though, presumably because you haven’t been yet, I hope! I must admit to totally loving Paris too but there are many cities I’ve yet to visit including quite a few on your list. Here’s to many more great travel adventures for us both!

  2. Great list! I’ve only been to three of the cities, but would love to visit St. Petersburg.

  3. Stockholm and St Petersburg are definitely on my to do list! Shame Barcelona didn’t make the cut, such a brilliant city, it’s got a bit of everything and the food is amazing!

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