I Love Paris

J’adore Paris! Ok, I’m not French. In fact I’m as English as they come. But I’ve caught the Paris bug. Two trips there now and it still grabs me. Who couldn’t love this City full of life?

This blog is me banging on about how much I love the place, and what I did to make me love it.

First I’ll start with the most obvious, the Eiffel Tower. Over 10 years ago I climbed to the too. Since then I’ve developed this damn fear of heights. But I’m determined to go up it once more. The evening we got into paris was my first glimpse of it doing its hourly fairy light show. When we got to it a night later, climbing it seemed a bad idea. But I soldiered on and got to the second level. Go me. The tops a no go this time. But I still love the tower for what it is.

Next thing is another height. The Arc de Triomphe. What I love about this is the amazing views down each road off of it. It brings the best views in Paris. And we got up there for Free. It’s a stunning piece of art with its carvings.

This seems a strange thing to like, but it sticks in my head when I think of Paris. The Metro. Ok, most of the stations stink of urine and you feel like you need a shower every time you use it, but maybe that’s part of the experience. The best part of it is the buskers. Not just one man and his dog, sometimes 6 guys with trumpets. Amazing.

Drinking anywhere and everywhere seems the thing to do on a night. Any major place people sit with wine and beer. Like making your own bar but without a bar. Nothing better than a good old drink!

The Louvre is a pretty cool place. Yes I got to see her. Mona Lisa that is. She’s a small girl isn’t she! Probably not the most impressive piece in the place! Got to love the modern mirror art too!

A major attraction I went to do was queue. It’s a free event. You stand in a line in the blazing sun for an hour. Naa seriously, I started queuing for the Catacombs. Always wanted to see them. There was a 3 hour wait. Trains and planes stopped me waiting. A reason to return? I think so!

Little old me goes and books this trip not realising it’s the Tour De France final that weekend. Not into cycling, ill ride a bike but not bothered about watching someone else do it. But the buzz was electric. You can’t help but be pulled into it. And that night, watching it on tv in the airport, I did care. Shame I missed it but was a great buzz anyway.

These French really seem like randy folk too. We stayed up the road from The Moulin Rouge. All I know about that is the sing asking “will you come to bed with me tonight”. Then all the buildings near by say “sex show” “sex sex sex” “sex show” “girls girls girls”. And no I didn’t before you ask. I’ll leave that for Amsterdam thanks.

Probably the final highlight has to be the Sacre Coeur Cathedral right at the highest point in Paris. It had amazing views across the whole city. And on a night they love to drink here too! Surprise!

So there you go. Well done for getting this far, I haven’t sent you to sleep. But this is why I love Paris. Au Revoir!



  1. I did the catacombs last year well worth going back for πŸ™‚

  2. It’s my favourite city also. For a fun Sunday in the “City of Lights” take a peek at my piece

  3. My all time favorite city in the world. Maybe because my mother is from there as well πŸ™‚

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